Lacuna: Document 3

From the logbook of Robert “Bob” Doppler, a maintenance worker for LS&SS (Lacuna Subway and Sewage Systems). It is a standard college-ruled “Compositions” notebook, with the writing done in felt-tipped pen with black ink. The handwriting is left-handed, and is neat and careful, the letters properly proportioned and adorned only with simple serifs.

Daily Kit Checklist

Underclothes (boxer-briefs, clean A-shirt, cotton pants)

Waterproof leggings

Waterproof overshirt

Thigh-high black rubber boots

Black rubber overcoat with hood

LED Headlamp, Mag-lite flashlight, spare batteries

Leatherman multi-tool, adjustable wrench, Allen keys, crowbar

2 Way walkie-talkie

Laminated maps

Electric stun baton

Glock handgun, 3 spare clips

Compact combat shotgun, 10 spare shells

1 flash grenade, 1 smoke grenade, 1 fragmentation grenade


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