Lacuna: Document 5

These are extracts from the notes for the sermons of one the homeless men of Lacuna, whom locals call the “Pigeon Man”, and who lives on the rooftops of various houses, apparently always surrounded by a flock of birds, mostly pigeons and crows. He is elderly, perhaps sixty years of age, with beard and hair so grey it they are almost white, both hanging in scraggly dreadlocks from a scarred and wrinkled face. His eyes resemble those of birds, hard, bright, and almost completely black. The documents are not bound and most could not properly be called “pages”. Many are scrawled on various found materials: shopping bags, receipts, envelopes, napkins, etc. There are a number of spiral bound notebooks, also overflowing with writing, and many loose pages. Furthermore, he wears clothing made out of feathers, leather, and paper, all also covered with words, all in his own handwriting, and his skin is heavily tattooed, with more words, symbols, and geometric patterns. Notable characteristics of the writing itself include the extremely small size of the letters (our analysts required magnifying glasses) and the strange orientation of the lines: most did not run straight from left to right but curved around each other in complex patterns.¹ The words were written with a wide variety of media, though the primary one was an ink which was found upon analysis to be composed mainly of bird dung. They were also in a strange combination of several languages. Therefore, bear in mind that the material presented here is a work in progress: it is only what we have been able to decipher and translate so far.

This was written on what appeared to be a piece of a brown paper shopping bag with charcoal of some sort, possibly from the burnt end of a match:

5. Five. It’s everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Think about it.

Five senses.

Five fingers.

Five points of the pentagon.

Five pointed star, the pentagram.

Five points on the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill.

Five elements: air, fire, water, earth, and spirit.

Five great landmasses: America, Europe, Russia, Asia, and Africa.

Five days of the week (and two for the weekend make seven, another auspicious number).

Five directions (North, South, East, West, and Center)

Five is the fifth term of the Fibonacci sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5.

Five basic platonic solids: Tetrahedron, Hexahedron (Cube), Octa, Dodeca and Icosahedron.

Five essential phases of the moon: New, Waxing, Half-Full, Full, and Waning.

Every human has four limbs and a head, and 4 + 1 = 5.

Every healthy human has 23 pairs of chromosomes in their genome. 2 + 3 = 5.

I was 23 when my eyes opened.

This passage was written in blue ink with a blue ballpoint pen, probably of the cheap plastic variety, based on analysis of the inking pattern. It was on the otherwise blank endpapers of the Gideon’s Bible he carried around with him in a long and voluminous coat made of worn leather. There were many other items in this coat, a complete cross-indexed list of which can be found in the appendix:

God fucked up.

There is an ancient Qabalistic story, popularized by Isaac of Luria.

It goes like this:

God was perfect, except where It wasn’t.

It decided to move all of what was imperfect about itself into one place.

So it withdrew Itself from itself, and created a lacuna within itself.

And It planned to purify its imperfect self with the purging fire of Its Perfection.

And It condensed itself into vessels for Itself,

And It poured Its perfect waters into itself.

And It blew a breath of Itself into itself.

And It fucked itself.

And It broke itself.

And the pieces fell and shattered as it exploded.

And that was the Big Bang.

This is written on both sides of several single-dollar bills, with what appears to be a very fine-line pen. The letters are miniscule, and curled around each other and the symbols of the dollar in particularly perplexing and potentially portentous configurations.

The Illuminati.

Those of the “I”.

Those who are Illuminated.

The Eye in the Pyramid, its capstone.

The Eye of Providence. The Third Eye. All seeing, all knowing.

But the Illuminati corrupted and misused their illumination.

They have made themselves Kings and made us Slaves!

They are the puppet-masters pulling the strings of the world!

They run the corporations! They own the banks!

They are behind the IMF and the CIA and all the other acronyms!

They are the Dragons and Demons of the New Age.

They are making our world into their Utopia, which is our worst nightmares come to life.

They are building the concentration camps we call “cities”.

They are poisoning our air and our food and filling our water full of Flouride.

Sufficient doses of Flouride will close the Third Eye!

They don’t want anyone else to be Illuminated!

They extract our Wisdom teeth. Why do you think they call them that? Huh?

They want us asleep! They want reality all to themselves!

I say:


This is written on college-ruled notebook paper with a wooden pencil. We know that it was not mechanical because the thickness of the lines changes periodically as the tip is worn down and then sharpened again, whereas a mechanical pencil will always leave lines of the same width. There is evidence of much erasing and rewriting, and we have been able to reconstruct some fragments of erased text, which have been grouped together in the relevant appendix.

We are all human beings.

We are twigs of the Tree of Life.

We are communities, groups of trillions of tiny beings we call cells.

We are chemical reactions, organic machines.

We are ways of resisting Entropy.

We are parts of the 13.7 billion year explosion of everything.

We are patterns of energy, vibrating wave-forms condensed into complex matter.

We are patterns of probability, collapsing the infinite into finite reality.

We are pan-dimensional beings expressing ourselves through the fourth and third dimensions.

We are God. We are Allah. We are Yahweh. We are Elohim. We are Ein Sof. We are Brahma. We are Vishnu. We are Shiva. We are Shakti. We are The Tao. We are Chi. We are Prana. We are Dharma. We are The Great Spirit. We are The Buddha. We are The Aum. We are The Alpha. We are The Logos. We are The Light.

We are The Devil. We are Satan. We are Abaddon. We are Ahriman. We are Iblis. We are Belial. We are Beelzebub. We are The Beast. We are The Dragon. We are The Omega. We are Chaos. We are The Darkness.

We are Angels and We are Demons. We are Christ and We are Antichrist. We are who we are.

“We” is a just a word, but We are Words.

No, no words can contain who we are.

Words are approximations. They are leaps of faith. At this moment, I am creating vibrations in the air between us. I believe you interpret these vibrations as being meaningful.

But this interpretation relies on the belief that our inner experiences are similar.

This relies on the belief that other beings have inner experiences.

This in turn relies on the belief that other beings exist at all.

It could be that all beings have an inner life. It could be that the whole world is speaking to us at every moment, but we do not understand its language.

It could be that nothing has an inner life, and all communication is meaningless.

I believe that we exist, and I believe that you all have an inner life similar to my own.

I believe that I am heard and I believe that I am understood.

Yet I cannot prove or disprove this belief. So I must take it to be true on faith.

Still, assuming that we exist, we are all human beings.

We all are and are part of an ever-changing and unimaginably complex network of matter and energy. We all are and are part of an ever-evolving community, the Family of Life.

If we exist, we exist through our relationships with other beings.

Consider the act of eating: it is to take part of a once-living organism and turn it into yourself.

We place dead parts of animals and plants inside our bodies, into which we incorporate them.

We are what we eat. We are also what we drink, and what we breathe, and what we piss and shit and do and say. So…

Where are our minds?

Can we divide ourselves from the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe?

Can we divide our past selves from our present selves?

Can we divide ourselves from each other?

Can we divide ourselves from anything that has ever been, or ever could be?

If all our atoms came from ancient stars, are we those stars, reborn?

Our bodies and our minds change from moment to moment. We change as we gain and give matter and energy, as we flow from experience to experience. We are not the same people we were a decade ago, a year ago, an hour ago, a moment ago.

Or are we? Have I always been myself? Have we always been ourselves?


Are we Body or Mind? Divine or Profane? Transcendent or Immanent? Mortal or Eternal?

Are we Everything or Nothing? Infinity or Zero? Full or Empty? Song or Silence?

Are we integrated and inseparable expressions of the same whole?

Are we always alone, imprisoned within our individuality?

Are we Good or Evil? Both? Neither?

Is this Heaven or Hell? Neither? Both?

Perhaps all the lines we draw are arbitrary.

Perhaps there is no division between Me and We.

Perhaps there is no division between We and Thee.

Perhaps there is no division between You and I, Life and Death, Good and Evil, God and the Devil, Body and Mind, Divinity and Profanity, Energy and Mass, Electricity and Magnetism, Wave and Particle, Ying and Yang.

Perhaps not.

Life is a Mystery, and so is Death.

Everything is possible, but nothing is certain.

The only thing I know is that I know nothing.

¹It is possible that these configurations hold some secret meaning, but if so, as of yet we have been unable to discover it.


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