Lacuna: Document 6

From the blog of “Harry the Haunter-Hunter”. Mister Harold Howard is a professional stage magician and paranormal debunker. His blog had a fairly large and devoted following, until his mysterious disappearance several months ago during his team’s visit to Lacuna.

October 31

Well, dear readers, we just arrived in Lacuna. It’s a strange-looking city, I’ll give it that. The sort of city that got picked on as a little kid. Maybe that’s why it came out here, to the Middle of Nowhere, Montana. It’s up in the Rocky Mountains, straddling that liminal zone where the peaks really start getting majestic. The whole city’s built on a mesa though, and since it’s dark, from this distance whole thing looks like somebody hacked off the top of pyramid and replaced it with a crown of light. And as luck would have it, today is “All Hallows Eve”. Fitting, isn’t it? I swear I didn’t plan the coincidence.

They’ve really pulled out all the stops, too, I must say. As we pass through the streets, I try to count the Jack O’ Lanterns and quickly give up. Nearly every building sports spooky decorations of some sort. The streets are criss-crossed by a network of covered bridges, and these have been decorated too, strung with lights and streamers and fake cobwebs that hang down in great grey sheets. There are also a great many candles. They are of every shape, size and color imaginable, and might even outnumber the electric lights. A thick mist has fallen to complete the mood, and as I write this wisps of it are brushing against the windows of the car like spectral tendrils. It also makes it difficult to tell the real people from the statues, and makes both into shadowy, ghost-like figures. Very atmospheric, Lacuna. Brava.

Oh, and on the subject of the statues: they’re everywhere! On every street corner, standing like stone sentinels. Peering out from between buildings and over gutters. Most are humanoid, but the locals have dressed up most of the ones who aren’t already monstrous, and even some of the ones that are. Rubber masks have been slipped over stone heads. One sports a cape, a pirate hat, a curled moustache and beard, and a stuffed parrot. A rather demonic looking sculpture has been given a plastic pitchfork. One commemorating some politician or other has been put in a dress and a wig. Many have carved pumpkins over their heads, candles on their heads probably dripping wax over their unseeing eyes and giving their new masks their ghostly light. The costumes also do a good job of creating confusion between themselves and the humans, who of course are also almost all wearing costumes. My hat’s off to you, Lacuna. This is quite a welcome.

I’ll let you know when we reach the Haunted House, dear readers.

Signing off for now,



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