Lacuna: Document 9

A Police Report recently filed in Lacuna, detailing the apparent murder of a customer at a local bar called the Red Door (all the doors are indeed painted a bright, sanguine red).

Case Number: 00172342

Date: Friday, September 13th

Reporting Officer: Detective Samuel Doppler

Incident Type: Assault and possible Murder or Manslaughter

Address of Occurance: 737 Elm Avenue, the “Red Door” restaurant and bar.


Michelle Ensen, Bartender, 24


Closed-circuit camera footage (one in the parking lot, the one inside the establishment did not capture the victims or suspects due to the angle of its fixed line of sight relative to their table)

Fingerprints (taken from the table where the victims had been sitting)

Blood (near the back door of the building and a large pool in the alleyway)

Footprint (partial boot-print left on the edge of the parking lot puddle)


The victims entered the Red Door with at approximately 9:45 in the evening.  They sat at a four-seat table in the far corner. Witness Michelle Ensen reported that one was “a pale little brunette girl” and the other was “curvier, with dyed blue and red hair”.  They each ordered a glass of red wine, the one with dyed hair ordered a shrimp appetizer, and the brunette ordered and a garden salad. At approximately 10:00, they were joined by an unidentified man and woman who, according to the bartender, walked in and sat down immediately at her table as though they knew the other two. However, she says that “I overheard snatches of their conversation and they didn’t sound like they was expected”. She describes the man as being “tall, dark, and handsome, but looking awfully pale¹”, and the woman as “a skinny, long-legged blonde, a rich bitch in some designer brand dress²”. They conversed for about fifteen minutes, and then the man left with the brunette, exiting the bar by the back door, which led to the parking lot and an alleyway. The remaining two women continued to converse for about three quarters of an hour, and then they also left together, at about 11. None of the four paid their bill, so there is no record of their names.

At 10:15, the security camera overlooking the rear parking lot and and alleyway shows the brunette girl emerging from the back door, her right arm out, draped over the empty air. She walks a little distance away from the building, into the shadows. Her head leans up, and she appears to kiss someone who isn’t there³. Then she jerks away, and takes a step back toward the building, but her arm is suddenly twisted behind her back. She struggles and flails, but then the other arm is pinned against her torso and she seems to be lifted off the ground. She floats through the air, still kicking and screaming, until she reaches the alleyway. She is then flung to the ground with great force. Though the shadows are dim, a large, dark, roughly humanoid form* can be seen leaping out from around a corner and pouncing on her prone form. The other man then joins it, and she is obscured for a moment. They then drag her off-screen. What became of the other woman is unknown. Neither the victims nor the suspects have been identified. The prints corresponding to the seats of the man and woman who entered second are not on record, and those of the other two women are mysteriously missing.** The boot-print is of military make but is otherwise quite generic. The blood itself is currently being tested, and the DNA evidence may reveal the identity of the victim.

¹ It is likely that this is the type of revenant known as a “Scary”, who appears to be playing the part of “The Brains”, locating victims and luring them to their death.

² This is probably the “Mary” type, playing the part of “The Blab”, distracting the “herd” so that the victims can be separated. When the woman and the female revenant left together, it is likely that the female fed on the friend herself at a second location before bringing her to her companions, a practice known as “The Tithe”.

³ This is why we assume that he is one of the “Scarys”, since these revenants cannot be seen either in mirrors or cameras.

* This is almost certainly the “Hairy” type, the most bestial of the vampiric revenants, and here playing its traditional part as “The Beast”, responsible for the actual act of subdual or slaughter.

**It is probable that the Brains of the group hacked into and deleted these files to cover their tracks, though the action may have been rash, as it obviously aroused suspicion. This leads us to consider the possibility that the killing was unintentional: they may have meant to feed from the victim without killing her and then wipe her memory. The Beast probably lost control and killed the girl, and they panicked slightly, deleting her identifying information as well as disposing of the body, probably by dropping it into the lake. In these situations, the Brains generally locates the spot of disposal, the Beast carries the body and is the one to actually dispose of it, while the Blab speaks to it one last time.


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