Lacuna: Document 1

Graffiti found in the park on the edge of Lacuna Lake. It is written on a large stone gazebo on a small hill overlooking the western shore, a view blocked only by small grove of Yew trees. Interestingly, an Elder tree has been planted in the center of the gazebo. The stones of the floor are laid in such a way as to make a hole for its roots, and the open sides and a glass-covered skylight let in light for its leaves. Each line of the following poem is painted vertically on one of the eight columns that hold up the roof, starting from the left of the entrance. Each is written by a different hand, in a different color of the rainbow, and the last line is in black.

We come to praise

The Wyrding Ways,

And the people of the Hollow Stones,

Dwelling deep beneath the homes

Of we, the folk of blood and bones.

We feel the gaze

Of ancient days,

And know the Great Unknown.


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