Lacuna: Document 12

The Journal of Joseph Sanson. This was a Microsoft Word file stored on the hard drive of his computer, which was taken into custody along with several other personal effects when our agents apprehended him. He is currently being held in one of the isolation chambers beneath Lacuna, awaiting transfer to the National facility.

13 Days till full moon

Sights and scents have become sharper. Colors are brighter, details more defined. I’m noticing more, like the pattern of dewdrops on the window in my peripheral vision. There are 342 of them, slowly sliding down the glass. I can even smell them, smell the moisture in the air. I can smell the coffee on my desk and know that the beans were grown in Colombia by a man named Miguel. I can smell the piss-markings of the next-door neighbor’s dog on the fire hydrant outside the door. I can smell the neighbors, too. I can smell the exhaust from the cars driving down the street. Auras are becoming clearer too, and occasionally quite distracting when too many people are present.

The scales are spreading. As the moon rose, I noticed them appearing on my fingers and the backs of my hands. They seem to be predominantly red and orange now, highlighted with yellow, white, black, and gold. My nails are also hardening and growing rapidly. I’ll have to wear gloves, in addition to the long-sleeved shirts. It’s a good thing it’s cold out.

10 Days till Full Moon

I am developing wings. There have been small nubs near my shoulder-blades for several days now, but I was not certain whether they were simply spines or spurs or the start of something else. They have since molted into miniature pinions similar to those of a bat’s or perhaps a pterodactyl’s. I have a small amount of control over them, enough to fold them under my shirt at any rate. The scales have spread to my neck, as well, so I’ll have to stick to collared shirts. I have also noticed that my teeth appear to be sharpening. Nothing too noticeable yet, mainly just longer and pointier incisors. Still, I should refrain from social contact. Shouldn’t be too difficult…

7 Days till Full Moon

Today was my last day outside the house for the week. I had to stock up on some supplies, mainly groceries, but I bought a few extra chains at Home Depot too. Better safe than sorry. I’m becoming much stronger. I got some funny looks for coming up to the checkout counter with the chains and fifty pounds of raw meat, dressed in a full winter coat with the hood up, gloves, sunglasses, and face-mask. But the reactions I would have gotten without them would have been much more dramatic. I am now covered in scales, the wings barely fit under my coat, my teeth are now fully-fledged fangs, and I can only eat meat. At least I’m still in the cooking phase. I didn’t want to go out, but I didn’t have much choice. I woke up yesterday morning and looked in my refrigerator to discover that almost nothing in there was at all appetizing. When I went to the store, the smell of the meat was almost overwhelming. Not just the dead kind, either. In fact, the smell of the dried and frozen stuff was almost nothing next to the blood pumping through the clerk scanning and bagging it. I’m surprised he didn’t notice the saliva soaking through my face mask. Then again, maybe he did. If I’d been him, I probably wouldn’t have said anything either. Anyway, I’ve got a rump roast, a steak, and a pound of bacon cooking in the next room, along with a bottle of bourbon, so I’m signing off for now.

4 Days Until Full Moon

Can barly pres keys. Fingers r claws , must b gentl. Cannot cntain wings. Sights n smels so powrful, must keep lights off n sit n silence. Head s becming snakelik snout, fangs long n curved now. So hungry. Can’t speak, only growl. Feel fir in my gut. So hungry, but must ration meat. Last entry for mnth. Chains n place. Must go to basement room soon.


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