Lacuna: Document 2.1

A Pamphlet for Lacuna University, found marking page 123 of Megan Penn’s diary. It is printed on glossy paper and folded into thirds. It features color photographs of the campus and text describing and promoting the school.

Lacuna University sits on a hill on the Southern shore of Lacuna Lake, opposite the K-12 school. Our campus consists of just two buildings. The largest and most central building is called “The Castle” by students, because it has many towers (some even have battlements), and its walls are made mostly of mossy limestone. The first floor of the Castle contains the cafeteria, common areas, and faculty offices. In the basement are lounges,  storage rooms, the mail-room, the laundry room, restrooms, meeting rooms, and even a few secret rooms! The subway also stops in a chamber that spans the third and and fourth levels of of the Castle’s basement, so don’t worry: the sound is well-insulated. The subway circles around the lake and travels from there into the wider network. Students ride for free with their ID, so even though our campus is small, you’ll have all of Lacuna just moments away!

The second and third floors are the male and female dormitories. There are no lotteries for rooms, since they are all the same. Each student is randomly assigned an empty room their first year and they keep it until they graduate, though students can request to change rooms if they wish. Each room is fifteen by twenty by ten feet tall, with one large bay window, white walls, and hardwood floors. Each contains a chair and a table, a bed, a bookshelf, and storage cupboards that are built into the walls. Each also has a small private bathroom attached, containing a shower, sink, and toilet. Students are encouraged to decorate their rooms however they wish, and many people even paint the walls, though they are repainted whenever a new student will be using the room. The fourth and fifth floors (and the towers) hold classrooms, with the Sciences on the fourth floor and the Arts on the fifth. Both the artists and the astronomers frequently hold class on the rooftops and in the towers, though usually during the day and night, respectively.

The other building is connected to the Castle by two underground tunnels, and is called “The Cathedral” because of its Gothic architecture, though it was never actually used as a church. It contains the library and student center. Though the library has some full-time staff, the center is run entirely by students and some faculty volunteers. It is at times a theater and music venue, an art gallery, a coffee and snack shop, a bookshop, a space for games and parties, and on the weekends it becomes a bar.

The relatively small amount of architecture on Lacuna’s campus simply makes more room for the natural beauty that surrounds it. The campus sits on a hill overlooking the lake. The hill itself is grassy and covered with trees and flowers, and it is surrounded by a “Food Lab”, a large garden crafted according to the principles of Permaculture and Biodynamic farming, through which all the students learn about Ecology and Environmental Science by taking turns tending the garden and making the meals, though they are assisted in these endeavor by our resident gardeners and cooks and a course all first years take. Meals at Lacuna University are always fresh, healthy, and delicious; we hope you’ll join us for the feast this Fall!


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