Lacuna: Document 5

Another of the Pigeon Man’s sermons, this one not written down but delivered to a crowd of drunks late at night, recorded by an agent with a parabolic microphone hiding in a nearby alleyway.

Listen, here’s the thing about Magic: 99 percent of it is absolute bullshit. Most of what you read, and more of what people say is just utter garbage. Much of it is fascinating and some of it is sexy and most of it is messy and nonsensical, and there is a very real danger that it will drive you stark raving bonkers if you take it too seriously. But Bullshit is what makes the grass grow.

And here’s the thing about bullshit: it’s all over the damn place. Pick any politician, religious leader, celebrity, lawyer, hell, pick any doctor, of medicine or otherwise (especially otherwise), and I’ll bet you that almost everything they say is pure, unadulterated, A-1 BS. Most people you meet do it, too: “Hey, how ya doin’?” “Fine, thanks, how are you?”. BULLSHIT. Nobody’s fine. Nothing is fine. The whole goddamn world is spiraling around the cosmic toilet bowl, killing time with bullshit before the final plunge.

Oh, and by the way: every one of those folks I mentioned, the ones distracting us on our journey around the Porcelain Throne, every one of them is a Magician, working their Magic on anyone who listens to them. Scientists are shamans, and their incantations are powerful, though they are not the only players in town. Every one of us is a player in this game, though we all too often allow ourselves to be pawns! And here’s the thing about Magical Bullshit: if you fake it for long enough, you can make it off the board and out of the toilet. God knows it’s what everyone else is doing. But just try getting in or on and telling all the other prawns… pawns what’s going on. You end up mixing metaphors.

Look, most of Magic is bullshit because if we could see its white-hot core of Reality, it would blind us and burn us even as it made the world anew, like the phoenix which rises from the ashes of everything. If we could truly comprehend reality, if we could truly understand what Magic is, we would become it, and so lose ourselves. And there’s no rush to do that: we’ll all get there eventually.

The layers of bullshit are veils. They are the garments behind which the Mystery hides its nakedness, and which protect us from the full force of its Truth. But we have grown too far apart. The gap is too great, the lacuna too large. We have lost the Magic and cannot find it among the multitude of veils that now surround us. We are drowning in images, in words, in signs and symbols. They scream at us from every street corner, from the screens (those magical mirrors) that inhabit every home. Even I! Even I exist only within a web of words, a sea of symbols! We need that sea, we need that web, for we are as fish and spiders within it. But we are polluting our own home, stuffing our skulls with endless drivel and dreck spoon-fed to us by those few who have seen the Light and want to keep everyone else in Darkness so they can have it all to themselves! So they lie to us and spy on us and they make us make war on ourselves! On our own family! For all beings are related, it is only a matter of degree! We are all one enormous extended family! Yet we kill and torture and enslave one another! We poison and destroy our own home! The only reason we don’t see it, can’t see it, is the endless distractions constantly offered to us! We are cheering at the Colosseum while Rome burns!

Well I say, it’s too late to save Rome but GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN! The end isn’t just nigh, it’s RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW: WE’RE SOAKING IN IT. There was no apocalypse, except the one that’s been happening every single day for the last TEN THOUSAND YEARS. One of these days we’ll run out of apocalypses to take our attention away from what’s REALLY GOING ON and then They’ll be in REAL TROUBLE!


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