Lacuna: Document 17

An excerpt from the police interrogation of Peter Wolfe, co-leader of the cult called “Eve/Isis/Ishtar/Ashera/Aphrodite’s Ecstasy¹”. The footage was obtained by an LPD (Lacuna Police Department) plant, who placed a wireless transmitter into the circuitry of the CC camera in the interrogation chamber. The full dossier on this man and his cult can be requested by agents with Beta clearance or higher. Extensive additional footage from this camera is also on file.

[Peter Wolfe is a man of about thirty, with salt-and-pepper hair and beard, all cut fairly short though grown out a little wild. His eyes are bloodshot and have dark bags beneath them. He looks naturally lanky but particularly thin at present, and his nose is bloody. He is hand-cuffed to the metal chair on which he sits, in front of a table, surrounded by cops.]

Peter Wolfe: I remember being born. Even now, twenty years later, I can remember. I had no words then, no concept of time, so the memories are blurry and fluid; indistinct. They also start to break down the further away I get from the moment of birth. But I remember being cradled within the warm dark lacuna of the womb, and then being squeezed out into the burning light. I remember the giant who picked me up and cut me from my mother, my home. I remember being washed and swaddled, and I remember my mother holding me, and then meeting my father, and then the room with all the other little babies. I remember my parents taking me home, how the car ride was bumpy despite the car seat. I remember seeing home for the first time and being struck with a deep and powerful, almost painful sense of deja-vu, though of course did not know these words yet. I remember lying in the crib and remembering my last life. I had lived this life before. This same body, these same parents, this same house. I remembered it all, though my infant brain could not grasp the enormity of this truth. But I grew into it. I realized that because I know the outcomes of certain choices, I am free to choose whatever I wish, to follow or diverge from my last life’s path. I have left it long ago, but occasionally, I cross it again and fragments return to my memory. I remember this little cell. I remember the camera in the corner and the guys behind it and their thugs standing here in front of me. I’m content with my choices. Are you?

[One of the officers strikes him across the face with the back of his fist. Wolfe laughs and spits blood back in his eyes.]

¹The members of the group refer to it by a multitude of names for archaic goddesses, usually those associated with love, fertility, and magic. However, the name always takes the form of “X’s Ecstasy”.


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