Lacuna: Document 18

The Dream Journal of Subject Delta (aka Dawn). It is a small book bound in blue velvet. The spine is decorated with silver stars and curved, curling lines. The pages are made of recycled paper, and the writing seems to be done with a variety of instruments, including but not limited to pencil, pen, paint, crayon, dirt, charcoal, and what appears to be “invisible ink”. There are certain technical errors made, and the handwriting is irregular, but bearing in mind that the child is only four years old, her linguistic ability is quite impressive. The errors have been kept as-is because it was felt that they might give some insight into Delta’s development. This entry was written in blue pencil and is one of the most recent, about halfway through the book. It was marked by a red ribbon attached to the binding.

At first I am in a sort of nowhere place but then I fall out of the sky and past the son and some clouds who wink at me. I am fire as I fall and I make a big crash when I hit the erth, a big reverse mountain I am at the bottom of it starts filling up with water and I forget how to swim but I grow six wings (two like a bat and two like a bird and two like a beetle) and flow out of ther and over grassy lands like hilly lawns, when I smel something in the air and look up and see that thers a storm brewing and its rumbling and growling at me and gnashing its teeth. The clouds chase me across the feelds, spitting down drops. Then I see some mountains except theyr littler than usual. And on top of the mountains thers a house that stands ther on bird legs. And thers a little old lady with a big head siting on the porch smoking a pipe and watching the rain and then watching me. And I land on the mountaintop next to her and ask can I stay inside, but she says no, it’s all full up. And I look behind her and I see that the whole house is full of kitty cats, so many some are even on the ceiling, and they all see me with their shining eyes. So I walk around to the back and thers some plant-people growing there, and theyr all laughing and wiggle-dancing and drinking up the rain. I try to talk to them but they talk just gibberish. So then I go back to the little house and fly up on the porch and its nice and dry and feels warm but im still dripping. And I go over and sit down next to the lady and I ask her whats your name? and she says just call me Baba and I say OK and then neither of us says anything for a long tyme, except a black and white cat who comes out of the house and meows at me until I pet it. And we just look out over the mountain and the fields and the trees all drinking up the rain and the big beautiful clouds swirling around and the bright litening and listen to the thunder. Then the litening hits a tree and it starts to flame and then Baba lites her pipe with the fire and puffs it and then she turns to me and blue the smoke into my face and then I woke up.


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