A Note From the Editors

These are not original documents. They are the typed and edited versions of notes we took on an intercepted transmission of digital data through the “Deep” Web, the “underground” of the Internet which is not searchable and therefore cannot be accessed by traditional means. This data was also part of the “Dark” Web, since although the computer we obtained it from was part of a private file-sharing network, it was not even connected to the Internet at large. Due to the nature of this data and the circumstances surrounding its discovery, it was impossible to download or save any of it to any external device. We cannot divulge much more information without putting ourselves at great risk, so we shall simply say that the source was heavily encrypted, that we were only able to gain access to this information by physically accessing the private server on which it was stored, and that we had only one night in which to record it. The original files were mostly high resolution images of a huge collection of documents, accompanied by annotated descriptions and transcriptions. Unfortunately we were unable to reproduce those images, but we took notes on everything we could with good old fashioned pen and paper. We recorded as much as we could, but many documents are incomplete, since we had to be discriminating about what we recorded. Some of the information may seem irrelevant, and we may indeed have recorded many “red herrings”. But as a whole it presents a picture of the world that is very different from what we commonly believe to be reality.


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