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Lacuna: Document 20

This is a clipping from “The Eye of Providence”, an underground newspaper or “zine” published both in print and on the internet by students at Lacuna University, running “alternative” news items and featuring various pieces of occult and paranormal phenomena. Many of their investigations are red herrings or simple bunk, and their credibility is low outside a limited circle, but continued surveillance has been authorized, just in case.

Strange Rains

Several citizens of our fair city have reported showers of odd objects┬╣ falling from the sky. Most have been relatively harmless: fish, flowers, pieces of paper, but some have been heavier: metal cutlery, tools and machinery, strange crystalline formations; one woman had the rotten carcass of a full-grown great white shark drop through the glass ceiling of her dining room and onto their family’s dinner. There have been no reported deaths as a result of these incidents, at least none we have been able to recover, however several people have been injured and there has surely been a great deal of property damage. One victim of these events said to our reporter “At first I thought it was hail, but I looked outside and there were… tacks… like the kind you use to pin things up on a cork board, of all different colors. They were raining down from the sky, tapping against the window. It still has all these scratches on it, and so does the wall around it.” Pictures of this window, and several other scenes (such as the one featuring the shark), can be found on page 24.

┬╣Agents have collected a wide variety of these items, which have been intermittently inexplicably falling from the sky for at least several years now. They tend to fall in showers, usually of the same sort of object, but sometimes not. As the article notes, fatalities have been rare but injuries and property damage have been more common. We believe this phenomena is related to the Reality Anomaly beneath Lacuna, but we cannot be certain. In the relevant local storage facility there is a large collection of objects accumulated by agents over the years, including: 131 clocks and 242 watches, 517 nails and 327 screws and 228 bolts, 6 hair-dryers, 573 crayons (of various colors, though predominantly shades of red and blue), 675 pencils (432 wooden, 243 mechanical), 872 pens (367 ballpoint, 525 felt-tipped) forty-seven plants (some re-potted, with the fragments of their original pots kept in a separate area). 1064 human teeth and 2347 animal teeth (a complete list of species can be found in appendix A), 672 arthropods (many tropical in origin), 467 fish (mostly bass, carp, and flounder, though there is a wide variety), 5304 playing cards (of various designs, and including some cards used primarily for divination), 776 masks, 667 chains, 333 keys (all made in many different styles and of many different materials), and 321 books (all blank, with a few notable exceptions, listed in Appendix B). These are the more mundane items which we have collected in bulk, but there are many other unique items, which are listed in Appendix C.